Lelutka Meshhead Simone V2.0


I am wearing the Lelutka Meshhead Simone 2.0 ready for Bento.

LeLutka-BENTO Mesh Head- In Store Monday 19th Dec.

skin: Glam Affair
hair : Wasabi Pills
Headphone : Bauhaus Movement – Anouk @ The Crossroads
necklace : Bauhaus Movement – Anouk @ The Crossroads
hair : wasabi pills
le_ysys_olga_001aHead wearing with YS&YS Applier Olga
shape 4 made by Nadja Baxter


Head waering with Glam Affair – Emily ( LeLutka Applier ) new & Simone Shape (modify) made by lelutka


Head waering with Glam Affair – sammy new & Shape 5 made by Nadja Baxter


The Simone 2.0 bento head Package includes:
Head Backup System – allows you to back up animation and save slot settings
Brow Shape (modify) – base brow shape created for Simone (you can use your own)
Simone Shape (modify) – base shape created for Simone (you can use your own)
Gestures – Voice controlled & Keyboard controlled for talking animation
Head – Bento head including layers for skin, makeup, tattoos, hairbase and brows
Teeth – rigged teeth for natural look when opening and closing mouth.
Simone 2.0 Bento HUD – Controls for all head needs
Hide/show – Lacrimal (3 shades included) , Scalp, Ears‘
10 Glam Affair skin tones for Simone skin
4 eyeshadow presets
4 lipstick presets
4 brow colour presets
4 lash style presets
4 tattoo presets (two freckles, blush, decorative)
8 Hairbase colours (LeLutka hair colours compatible)
Save slots
Tinting panel for all layers
Animations – Mood Selections – 2 included (happy, neutral)
Expressions – 24 included (positive,negative,other) looped and unlooped
Talk Animation (to allow mouth to animate when typing) – on/off option
Parted Lips – on/off option
Blink – on/off option
Eyelids control – 6 eyelid settings (neutral, wide, relaxed, sleepy, suspicious, closed)
Eye targeting system – controls movement of eyes (system or mesh) mirror and linked options.
Personalize Tab – Using full perms textures you can create unique looks by applying your own skins, makeups, tattoos, hairbases as well as specular and normals maps.
Options Tab – Under the hood settings options – Auto Update option, Triggers, Repairs & Restore, Kill Scripts and links for assistanc

The Bento heads have Omega System support, you will need to purchase the Lelutka Omega relay from Omega https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Lelutka/10550651

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